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Music Performer

Share the gift of music with patients and their friends living in nursing homes and assisted living facilities through performance and musical interaction.

• Must be comfortable performing for groups
• Must be able to provide your own instruments (if applicable)
• Represent Samaritan Hospice at facilities
• Meet to plan activities with Music therapist
• Documents volunteer hours as completed

Please contact Sally Cezo at 856-552-3235.

Volunteer Roles at Samaritan

•    Patient/Family Support Volunteers visit Samaritan patients and families in their homes, at our Samaritan Inpatient Hospice Center in Mt. Holly or in long-term care facilities. Volunteers provide companionship, sit with a patient so a family member can take a break, read, write letters, play cards or share stories. In short, they act as a friend or neighbor. Medicare requires that a certain part of our contact hours with patients and families include volunteer visits, so this volunteer category is a key component of our patient service team.

•    Vigil Volunteers provide a supportive presence during a patient's final hours. They offer a beautiful final gift of peace and solace to those they serve. Vigil volunteers must first serve as patient/family support volunteers and complete additional training.

•    Tuck In Volunteers make phone calls to our patients and families to assess any needs they anticipate having over the weekend or holiday so that they can be met in a timely fashion.

•    Bereavement Volunteers make telephone calls to check- in with those who have recently experienced a loss and reassure them that Samaritan is still there for them if they need us.

•    Administrative Volunteers help in our main office in Marlton with typing, filing, collating, data entry, and many other critical administrative tasks. Their behind-the-scenes labors of love help Samaritan's many programs and patient/family services to operate efficiently.

•    Ambassador Volunteers share information about Samaritan Hospice and our Family of Services by speaking to members of the community, friends and neighbors.

•    SamariTeens is a group of 14-17 year olds providing on-going support to Samaritan's patients and families through visits, projects and participation in annual events.

•    Committee/Consultative Volunteers offer their professional expertise and services to staff in many areas such as development (fundraising), training or technology. These volunteers can serve on Samaritan's Board of Trustees, board committees and/or help with Samaritan's community awareness, special event planning and fund raising efforts.

•    Pet Therapy Volunteers are volunteers that provide direct support to our patients with the use of their already-certified therapy dog.

Want more information? Call Sally Cezo at 856-552-3235 or email

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