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Volunteer Training

Volunteers receive the training they need to prepare them for the volunteer activity of their choice. All volunteers attend a one-hour Information/Orientation overview to acquaint them with information about the Samaritan Healthcare & Hospice Family of Services and the many volunteer opportunities available to them.  

Those who wish to volunteer after experiencing a significant loss can begin training after 12 months have passed.

New Volunteer Orientation

New volunteer orientation will be held the second Wednesday of every month from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. or 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Please call 856-552-3235 to RSVP.

The following volunteer roles require additional training:

Patient/Family Support Volunteer Training 

A 12-hour program that highlights:

  • Samaritan team members involved in patient care
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Personal attitudes about death, dying and grief
  • Physical and emotional process of death
  • Anticipatory grief and bereavement 

Please check our online Calendar for up-to-date training schedules and other upcoming events of interest.

Vigil Volunteer Training

A four-hour advanced training session for trained Patient/Family Support Volunteers with field experience.Please check our online Calendar for up-to-date training schedules and other upcoming events of interest.

Bereavement Volunteer Training

A three-hour program that highlights:

  • Telephone skills
  • Samaritan's grief resources
  • Anticipatory grief signs
  • Recognizing stages of bereavement
  • Proper referral and follow-up

Please check our online Calendar for up-to-date training schedules and other upcoming events of interest.

Ambassador Volunteer Training

A two-hour program that highlights:

  • Defining the role of ambassador
  • The Samaritan Family of Services
  • Broaching a sensitive subject
  • Myths and facts about hospice care
  • Health fair and public speaking tips

Please check our online Calendar for up-to-date training schedules and other upcoming events of interest.

Eucharistic Minister Training

A customized program tailored to the needs of parish ministry groups. Eucharistic Ministers are volunteers who bring the Eucharist to homebound Catholic hospice patients. Meeting sacramental needs is a great source of comfort to many of our Catholic hospice patients and families. Samaritan will work with existing parish Eucharistic Ministry groups to build upon their sensitive service to patients and families coping with advanced-stage illness.

Parish Eucharistic Ministers are welcome to undergo additional training to become Samaritan Patient/Family Support Volunteers if they choose. This additional training is not required, however, to perform their Eucharistic Ministry to our patients. Contact for information about scheduling a program for your parish group.


In addition to the formal Orientation and Training Programs at the start of your volunteer service with Samaritan, the following ongoing opportunities exist for you to meet with other dedicated volunteers, share your experiences and learn from theirs:

  • Care-2-Share Programs
    Periodic programs sponsored by the Samaritan Volunteer Services staff for our volunteers to share their experiences, encourage and learn from each other. Check our Calendar for the date and time of upcoming sessions.
  • Quarterly Educational In-Services
    Sponsored by the Samaritan Volunteer Services staff, these educational sessions are open to all volunteers. They feature guest speakers on volunteer and hospice-related topics.  Check our Calendar for the date, time and topic of upcoming sessions.
  • E-Day
    Short for Education Day, this informative Fall session is a required skills refresher course for Samaritan's Patient/Family Support and Administrative volunteers. Check our Calendar for the date and time of upcoming sessions.

Recognition/Social Events

Samaritan's annual Winterfest event in January recognizes the priceless contribution our volunteers make each year to Samaritan's mission. It provides an opportunity for Samaritan's volunteers and staff to socialize as the organization says 'Thank You' to all who give their time and talents on behalf of our patients and families.