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Samaritan Inpatient Hospice Center

Take a virtual tour of the Samaritan Hospice Inpatient Center.

Inpatien Patient Room

Located within Virtua Memorial
175 Madison Avenue, 2 South, Mount Holly, NJ
(609) 845-2200

The Samaritan Inpatient Hospice Center, located in a beautifully decorated wing of Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly, provides the comfort of short-term continuous Samaritan care in a home-like setting for patients whose pain, symptoms and special needs require a more acute level of hospice care than is recommended within the home.

Samaritan Staff, Samaritan Services
While in the Inpatient Center, you and your loved one will receive from Samaritan staff the same services that you would in a home setting - plus the more acute 24-hour care your loved one now requires.

A Welcoming Place to Visit
The Center's welcoming environment encourages families and friends to feel "at home" while spending quality time - whenever and for as long as they wish.

Family RoomFamily members of all ages may visit 24 hours a day; family pets are welcome by appointment. A sleeper recliner in each bedroom allows a family member to comfortably spend the night at bedside. The Center provides television and local telephone service at no charge. Meals are supplied by the Virtua Memorial Hospital Department of Nutrition & Food Services - or family members may use the Center's kitchen to store or reheat home-cooked favorites.

Samaritan Inpatient Hospice Center Fast Facts:

  • Occupies 6,065 square feet.
  • Contains 12 patient beds in 10 bedrooms.
  • Provides services by Samaritan staff members and volunteers.
  • Features home-like decor including wall hangings donated by area quilters.
  • Encourages open visitation by family and friends and pet visits by appointment.
  • Provides a sleeper recliner in each bedroom for overnight family visit.
  • Includes a living room, country kitchen, patient spa/bath, children's play area and family quiet room.
  • Prominently displays a Wall of Remembrance on which families
    may honor or memorialize a loved one.
  • Includes free valet parking by Virtua Memorial Hospital

Referrals to hospice care may come from patients, caregivers and health professionals.
For questions or referrals, call 1-800-229-8183 or complete our online referral form.