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Sharing the Message – One Bracelet at a Time
Created by hospice on 12/8/2010 4:35:28 PM


Peg Park O’Neill has lost her favorite bracelet at least 50 times – so far.

A case of “senior moments”? No, explains Peg, “it’s just that every time I wear the bracelet that Samaritan Hospice gave me -- people ask about it, are touched by the message and I wind up giving it away.” The pink bracelet created by Samaritan is emblazoned with the inspiring message “Embrace Each Moment.”

Samaritan is especially appreciative of Peg’s efforts to spread this message during November, which is National Hospice Month. She has brought bracelets to friends, family and neighbors who are in need of encouragement and support. She told one neighbor waging a recurring battle with brain cancer, “This bracelet is not about your cancer; it is about you and living each moment to the fullest.” Each time Peg gives away the inspiring “words to live by,” she replenishes her supply on her next scheduled volunteer day at Samaritan’s Marlton administrative office.

Seeing Samaritan President Mary Ann Boccolini in the lunch room recently, Peg joked, “I’ve taken so many bracelets, I keep expecting Samaritan to send me a bill!”
On the contrary, Samaritan is pleased to share the bracelets at no charge with all in the community who would like one.

Samaritan Hospice “Embrace Each Moment” bracelets are available by calling 856-552-3258 or emailing