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Raising a Hand to Support Hospice
Created by hospice on 4/12/2011 8:55:45 AM



Hospice Nurse Visits 5th grade class during Career Month

Fifth grade students from Union Valley Elementary School in Gloucester Township raise their hands in support of hospice care and embracing each moment. Denise Baretta-Morgan (center), Samaritan Hospice nurse, visited students during career month. Morgan spoke about what it’s like to be a hospice nurse and care for people at the end-of-life. The kids were so inspired that they rallied around Morgan, hands in the air, to show off their Samaritan Hospice bracelet that says “Embrace Each Moment.” Teacher Jessica Botte added “one of the girls said she now wants to be a hospice nurse when she grows up and come and work for Samaritan.”