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Donor Spotlight: A. Winfield (Wynn) Etter

Like so many young men and women, A. Winfield (Wynn) Etter gained skills during his military service that would shape his future career path. "I was always very persuasive," said the '80-something' retired Dale Carnegie entrepreneur. "By the end of my hitch, my commanding officers had me convincing others to re-enlist."

After his own enlistment ended, Mr. Etter pursued a BS from Drexel University through the GI Bill, but was also drawn to a new course of study he had seen advertised - "How to Win Friends and Influence People." He went on to become the youngest Dale Carnegie instructor and, in 1960, opened the organization's first New Jersey school in Cherry Hill. He and his seven instructors trained and motivated corporate leaders all over the world and were, in turn, inspired by their students' desire to learn and grow.

Over the years, Mr. Etter has also been inspired by the comforting services of Samaritan. His brother Miles received hospice care in 2005 as did several close friends. In each case, he noted an improvement in "their personal appearance, their comfort level and their dignity." He became motivated to find the best way to support our mission even as the economy began its downturn. After reviewing several proposals from Samaritan's Director of Development, Mr. Etter decided that creating a charitable gift annuity with a significant gift of stock would yield the most significant mutual benefit.

"A lot of people don't realize that you can give stock as well as money," he said. "The interest rate my charitable gift annuity is receiving, based on my age, is almost three times what CDs, money market and savings accounts are earning at banks. I receive the interest as income for life and can claim an immediate charitable tax deduction. This economy would have lowered the value of my stock if I had not protected it in this way."

Best of all, Mr. Etter takes great pride in helping Samaritan provide services to patients and families which, otherwise, would receive no reimbursement. "I have never heard anyone say a bad word about hospice care," he said. "I was inspired to give because I have seen the benefits of Samaritan."

If you would like more information about charitable gift annuities, please call 856-552-3287 or email Robin Todd.