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Jewish Hospice Program (Sukkat Shalom)

The Samaritan Jewish Hospice Program provides a special kind of care for people living with any serious illness when cure is not possible. Our mission is to bring a Sukkat Shalom - a Shelter of Peace - to those we serve and to provide comfort, dignity and quality of life for Jewish patients and their families.

Rabbinic Support for Honored Traditions

The Samaritan Jewish Hospice Program was created in coordination with the Jewish Family and Children's Service of Southern New Jersey. The Sukkat Shalom program strives to offer tikvah - hope to live each day to the fullest in comfort and dignity, surrounded by loved ones. Samaritan and Jewish Family and Children's Service work closely together to provide hospice care with rabbinic support and an emphasis on respect and sensitivity for Jewish traditions. Samaritan's chaplains, guided by our on-staff rabbi and the Jewish community rabbi lend spiritual comfort and guidance for those not affiliated with a synagogue. Culturally sensitive social workers provide resource links to social services, funeral planning and counseling, while specially trained volunteers offer added support, including the delivery of candles, grape juice and challah for Shabbat.

Respect, Wholeness and Sacredness

As Samaritan accompanies each family in its unique passage, we seek to reveal the moments of healing and meaning that can emerge even at the end of life. Our Jewish Hospice team's links within the Jewish community assist our patients and their families in receiving the best possible care and the most meaningful support. Ultimately, we strive to make each individual's final passage a peaceful one, fulfilling the sacred mandates of derekh eretz (respect), sh'lemut (wholeness) and kedoshim (sacredness).

Referrals to hospice care may come from patients, caregivers and health professionals.
For questions or referrals, call 1-800-229-8183, email us or complete our online referral form.